TREM Devotional 11 January 2019 – Your Set Time Has Come

TREM Devotional 11 January 2019

TOPIC: Your Set Time Has Come [TREM Devotional 11 January 2019]

“Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come” Psalm 102:13, KJV

MESSAGE [TREM Devotional 11 January 2019]:

You may have been tried and tested. You may have been through high waters and you may have been through hell. But the good news is that you are still around serving God. People may have mocked you, ridiculed you and even put your name against the very challenge that you are having. Indeed, the Word of God has tried you and you are still standing! I declare to you that your moment of deliverance has come. You are going free from agony! You are going free from every frustration and from every fear!

The Lord that saved you and brought you thus far will do you good. There is going to be a turnaround for you because it is your turn to testify. For too long you have been delayed and held down, but your time is up. They have covered you for too long. It is time for your light to shine. They have hindered you and delayed your testimony for too long. Your time is up! Every chain around you is broken. The anchors are beginning to fall and the mountains are beginning to move. You are about to step into favour.

This is your moment! You have entered a dangerous time frame. All the heavenly resources have been released on your behalf. According to Genesis 41:14, when it was time for Joseph to manifest, things began to happen quickly. First, they brought him out of the dungeon hastily. He shaved, had a change of cloth and put on shoes. All these things were symbolic. The king put a ring on his finger. He was given a wife. As a matter of fact, he married the daughter of a prince. He was promoted, and he became a man of authority. All these happened in quick succession. So shall your miracles happen in quick succession because your time has come. The years of pain and agony are over in your life!

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Further Reading: Genesis 41: 14, 39-45

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Gen 27, 28 / Evening- Matt: 9:18-34

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