Do not Judge Your Life By What You See On Social Media – Nathaniel Bassey

Social Media is a tool. A good one at that. But like any other thing in life, it can be abused. It’s now common to come on a space like Instagram to see nice and lovely pictures of people “looking very fine and happy”

And One mistake to make would be to judge your own life by what you see online. Don’t forget that most times people would post the nice part of their lives online. 
They’d show you the nice clothes, cars, vacation, events, relationships, and share quite a number of their good news. Which is not bad. 
But what they may never post are the not so great sides. The tears, pain, the broke moments etc. They’d show you how they’re having a 3 course meal. But may not share the moments they had “drinking garri. “ And if you’re going through a time of trial, may leave thinking there’s something really wrong with your own life, forgetting that in the virtual space, things don’t always seem as real as they appear – Or better put, as they are portrayed to be.
Going forward, always remember that everyone regardless of what you see online, and how perfect everything looks, goes through his/her share of trying times. Also, never judge your life by those of others. 
Let God’s word be your yard stick. God’s word, His will, His timing and opinion of you. Any other basis would always leave you sad, frustrated and sometimes depressed. 
Believe God, not the world of make-believe. Shalom.

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