[Spoken Word] The Lost Jesus: Christ-Like Greater Than Christian


Lost Jesus: Christ Like Greater Than Christian - Salami Oluwaseun | Latest Gospel MusicSalami Oluwaseun A.k.a Living Chronicle dishes out new spoken word titled ” THE LOST JESUS: CHRIST-LIKE GREATER THAN CHRISTIAN”

Enough of being an ordinary SUNDAY CHURCH goer, be more of a CHRIST LIFE live’r. Many of us so called Christians are just it by title. That’s why when He comes, he comes to take home other Jesus’.

In His Words:

I was recently sitted with a couple of guys, “CHRISTIANS”;

And I was like “Hey guys, why and how do you know you are a Christian.”

Immediately, their faces turned pale like they gave been announced to the day of their demise;

Next they scratched their heads a bit;

As though to dig out a reply from their heads in a bit;

With a smile I dropped in and said;

But you said you are “A CHRISTIAN”

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