Meet Samuel Adeniyi, The Boy Who Recited The Longest Chapter Of The Bible At RCCG April Holy Ghost Night

Meet the Child of Conqueror that recited the longest chapter of the bible, Psalm 119, he recited the complete verse from verse 1-176 at RCCG April Holy Ghost Night 2018.

While the whole crowd at the Redemption camp was flabbergasted by the ministration of this 7year old boy, the wife of the General Overseer came up to the alter to pray for this boy and also made a statement to the congregation..
In her statement she said " This young boy should serve as an example to other children, she also said she was amazed and had to call on the parents of the boy for them to explain how they did it and they Simply said "he learnt to memorize 2 verses each day out of the 176 verses with there help and assistance."

She further referred to parents saying: Some of you buy iPads for your children and they watch MICKEY MOUSE all day! Without Knowing any Bible Verse In Their Head!! 

Ensure your child memorize and learn a scripture every week! 

Proverbs 22:6  Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

His Father, Mr. Sofoluwe Adeniyi, an educationist and the proprietor of Samuel’s school expressed joy at his son’s intelligence.

“Watching his academic growth over the years, I can tell you by God’s grace that Samuel can recite the multiplication table up to twenty-five. He is a very sharp boy and I am happy about that.

Speaking to the Nation after the service, Samuel said it took him three weeks to learn the verses.

“I am excited. It took me three weeks to prepare, and I am happy that I have achieved this.”

To crown it all!!! ""We celebrate the grace of God in the life of young Samuel Adeniyi, God increase your wisdom in Jesus Name""


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