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Fast rising gospel artiste Emmanuel Ezeasor drops a new single for the year titled “The Most High Chant”

In his words: "The Most High Chant was inspired in my place of worship, while i began to sing conventional but powerful worship songs I suddenly started hearing this lines on very different and high pitches as unto the voices of thousands... the more it kept coming, I joined in the chorus and
reached out to my phone to record it.

I knew this were the voices of Angels in worship. The Most High Chant is not a figment of any mans wisdom or plans it was inspired by heaven."


1st Solo; From ages to ages you're still the same I'd bless your name 
no one like you
As I lift my voice in praises of your name Hosanna eh! You are the most high

Chorus: Iye Iyo you are the most high God 
You are the most high God
All powerful God (×2)
You are the most high God (×2)

2nd Solo; Oooo You are the lord idigiagbagbanwe eh Almighty God you made the blind to see and you never fail there's no one like you Obanla!! you are the most high God.

Bridge; you're the most high God  (Repeated chant)

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