Tim Godfrey Says He Can't Wait For Wizkid And Davido To Accept And Confess Jesus As Their Lord And Saviour

Gospel music Minister and Rox nation boss Timothy Godfrey widely known as Tim Godfrey took to his Instagram page recently to talk about his own view Concerning the reconciliation of the two hip hop stars "Davido" and "Wizkid*

As majority of us all know, there was a kind of conflict/fight to claim superiority between this two stars.

Everyone was shocked as Wizkid called upon Davido to join him to perform on stage during the Concert. No one believed that could have happened and only that action by Wizkid settled the whole beef.. Lol, Maybe Wizkid don't wanna enter the new year with beef😂

Tim Godfrey applauded them and says he can’t wait to have both of them reconcile their lives with their Maker by confessing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Personal Savior as that will be the best reconciliation so ever.

See Tim Godfrey's Word Here:
“These guys… one thing that I know and I’m sure is that
Love will always triumph over hate…. But more
importantly… I can’t wait for both of them to proclaim and
confess Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Yet be who they
are … and keep being a blessing to the world. Love you
brothers… WizKid and Davido…. Brothers forLyfe”.

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