I Remember When People Were Laughing At Me And Saying I Was Wasting My Life - Tim Godfrey

Tim Godfrey Took to his Instagram page today to talk about how God helped him from the scratch. In the post he made he also included the cover art of his first album which was produced by Wole Oni..

See what he said here:
"Saw this and I was in tears... I remember people laughing at me.
 People said I was wasting my life. 
Some said i wasn't good enough.
Countless times... I was rejected.
A lot of people walked away.
I wore one black trouser for over 3 years as an artist.
Can you see where #Akpoaza brought me from....
In life, I have learnt not to take anybody for granted...
This was sent to me by @iamwoleoni ...
I think we recorded this in 2004 ...our first recording as an
What can I say... Jesus you are #sogood👍
To me.... Help me bless the name of the Lord... I will be
sharing my story here very soon... You will understand that i
am a #walkingmiracle🚶"

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