DOWNLOAD Music:: Evans Igbodale - On Christmas Day Feat. Molly B

In appreciation and celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ, Gospel music ministers Evans Ighodalo and Molly B churn out this lovely ballad duet “On Christmas Day”.

The duet comes just in time for the seasom of Christmas, and expresses one of the greatest miracles ever – the birth of Jesus through the virgin Mary.

Produced by Gran P.


You will have a child
He will save the world
Mary do not fear
What’s in you

Is from above – is the son of God – is a Holy child
Is a Holy child
Saviour of the world
Mary do not fear
You will conceive

The son of God
How will this things be
Since i know no man
Be it unto me
According to your word

I receive
Mary’s new born child is Jesus
He’s the saviour of the world
Oh Emmanuel is born, God with us
on Christmas day

Merry Christmas dear
So much love to share
Oh what joy it is to celebrate His birth
On Christmas day

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