Nosa Says Everybody Should Mind Their Business And Stop Criticizing Tasha Cobbs!!

Since When Tasha Cobbs Leonard featured Nicki minaj On Her New Single Titled “I ’ m Getting Ready Alot Of criticism has been going on Regarding the new single. The Award Winning Artist , NOSA took to his official Facebook
account to share this. He said. .
Everybody mind your business. Don’t criticise a matter just because it looks bad. What has God told you about it ? Babylon laughs at the way we go about things as Christians . Don ’t drag the adultress to God with stones in your hand and your own issues unsolved. If you would like your own struggles to be discussed in the open , continue . It’ s the manifestation of Babylon , due to prayerlessness of the saints . There ’s things to battle in the realm of the spirit . Things to
subdue . Don’t pray , you hear ? Be talking. One day you ’ll see the result of talking and not praying . Jesus said WATCH AND PRAY , not post and gossip.
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