DOWNLOAD Music:: Prospa Ochimana ft Osinachi Nwachukwu - Ekwueme

Here comes a new sound from Prospa Ochimana titled “Ekwueme” – featuring a worshiper of great depth and
impact “Mrs Nwachukwu’.

“EKWUEME ” (meaning the God who says it and does it) delivered in English and Igbo (Eastern Nigerian language) is a pure slow-tempo and power-packed worship piece.
“Get ready to launch into the deep, for an
encounter, to experience the marvelous works of
the ONE who says it and does it. Turn on the
volume and turn down worldly pressure through
this song. We can’t wait to hear you share your
testimonies like others around the world. Be
blessed! “ ~ Prospa


Prospa Ochimana
Ekwueme ! Ekwueme !! ( THE ONE WHO Says and does it)
Ekwueme ! Ekwueme !!
You are the living God o!
Eze, no one like you.

You’re my Healer ,
you’re my Keeper
My Restorer
My LifeGiver
You are the living God o!
Eze no one like YOU

No one can do me like you do
No one can touch me like you do, God!
You are the living God o!
Eze no one like YOU

You picked me from the miry clay set my feet on the rock to
U’re My Promoter
You’re My Defender
You are the Living God o!
Eze, No One like you

Osinachi Nwachukwu

Okechi e nnukwu chi 2x(Great God, Massive GOD)
nani gi bu ome okachie(Only you has the final say)
Nani ihe ikwuru bu ihe ina eme(Its only what yo u say that comes to pass)

Omo okachie nnukwu chi(final Say, massive God)
amama amasi amasi(All wise God)
Olori ihe loro che loro enti(Hw swallows ,what swallows an elephant)

Agu bata Ohia Mgbada awara Oso(The tiger that appears and puts the antelope on a run)
Ekwueme so gi bu Ekwueme(the one who says and does it ,You are the one that says
and does it)

Ihe ikwuru bu ihe ina eme(what you say is what you do)
ihe ikara bu ihe ina eme(you do what you say)
Obu onye n’ekwu ma chim kwuchasia(who can say it when my God has not said it.)
Obu Onye N’aturu chim uka chukwu(Who tells God what to do?)

inweghi mgbanwe chukwu ebighebi e(Forever and ever you changeth not)
inweghi onyiri amama amasi amasi(you have no comparism , The all wise God)
Ebube dike, Okechi Ekwueme(Glorious in Power,Great God , The one who says and does)

ihe ikwu k’ina eme(what you say is what you do)
Oloro Ihe loro ihe loro(He that swallows what swallow)
enyi kpuru odumu n’ one(elephant and kept lion in His Month)
Oke nmanwu n’eta Onwe ya(Great masquerade that guides Himself)

Ogbara nkiti Okwu biri n’ onu ya(In His Silence , he still has the final say)

Echeta obi esie ike(The One you remembers and you’re Confident)
gaga n’ ogwu(He who tread on thones Comfortably)

Amama amasi amasi(The all wise God)
Oje n’ nmuo, Oje na madu chukwu Oma(The one who travels in the Spirit and in the physical)

See Live Of Ministration Of Ekwueme Below 
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