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Dorisphils & Nessa collaborated on this one to Release a new wonderful song titled "Believe".. It is a faith- filled song designed to encourage and strengthen listeners from all walks of life.

“Believe” brings you back to consciousness of who you are
in Christ and all that we are equipped with through the
Word of God, thereby changing your confessions into
positive declarations.
“Believe” was produced by Marv C .

Listen, Enjoy The Vibes, And Share

(Believe By Dorisphils & Nessa)

Believe in yourself
Believe in your dreams,
Know that you can
Know that you’re sound,
Dreams will come through in this part of the world..
Just hold on to,what God says in His Word

There is something right inside of you
That’s greater than any obstacle,
If you dare to believe,yes there can be miracles
Anything is possible when you believe… Oh oh oh
When you believe
If you believe

There are mountains that we can move..
Oceans that we can cross,
If we believe it
If we believe it…
There are limits that we can break
Walls that we can rebuild
If we believe it
If we believe…
We will win..

Trust in yourself
And you can win..
Races you thought…
You can never win…

Believe in yourself
And you can discover..oh oh oh
New talents
hidden inside of you…uh..oh
(Both repeat chorus once)

There are times you feel that you have lost it all…
And some times you feel that you might slip and fall.

Don’t you dare

Don’t you dare give up on
Just believe…that you will win
Repeat chorus till fades.

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