Can Your Pastor Collabo With A Babalawo - Kenny Kore

Ever since Tasha Cobbs Leonard ft Nicki Minaj on her latest track, "I'm  getting ready" . Gospel Singer, Kenny Kore  felt that was a wrong action taken by her, he said what relationship does lightness have with light. Furthermore on Sunday, 3rd Sept, He took to his Instagram page to say "Can You Pastor Collabo With A Babalawo" . Which in no doubt was comparing Gospel Singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard as the pastor and Secular artist Nicki Minaj as the babalawo...

According To Kenny Kore::

1. Secular, and Gospel is like Baal, and Christ;
Dirty , and Clean water. They shouldn't mix. You're not Christian because you say you are, or because you go to a building called church, you're a Christian because you've
given your life to Christ, and taken Christ's life, and your life bears fruit unto righteousness. It doesn't mean you're perfect, but it definitely means that you're SEPARATED from the world.

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2. It is not what goes into a man that condemns a man; it is
what comes out of a man that condemns a man. That said, garbage in, garbage out. Bad communication corrupts good manners. Faith comes by hearing, trash also comes by hearing.
A Christian should seriously sensor what they listen to for entertainment if they want to grow spiritually.
Yes, a lot of Christians listen to junk, any wonder why we've gotten to a point where Christians would be defending Tasha/Nicki collabo?

3. There's nothing new under the sun, the more reason why
Christians should be careful what they listen to is because you eventually get to REPRODUCE it in your life.
I grew up watching Micheal Jackson, I didn't know how much influence he has on me, until I was doing the moon walk at a church service...
Get my point?

4. If excellence inspires you, you'll probably be inspired by excellence , even if it's from a Secular artist...
But like I said before, Secular is Secular for a reason, and what you open your heart to eventually gets to direct your path.

5. We are Christians, they are Secular, but we are also members of the society, and citizens of countries, so, I can do
civic duties with an unbeliever; as a matter of fact, I should be able to live peaceably with an unbeliever, and love them even though I don't approve of their lifestyle, but I should never do ministry with an unbeliever, like snoop dog and Fred Hammond on a gospel song, or a pastor inviting a babalawo to come and teach IFA at a church service.

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