The Rules Of Music Promotion/How To Achieve Your Dream As An Artist By Edward Ochuko [CEO Emerald Music Ent.]

I, Edward Ochuko the CEO of EMERALD MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT and also a grass root music promoter.
To be successful as s musician/artists is easy but depends on you individual, to become a musician is not a call to be frustrated, music should be a thing of joy when playing and doing it, but when you do not know where to start it end up frustrating you.
Music is a cheap easy career you can succeed on and that will bring you before great men

But it becomes a journey of 40 good frustrated years in the wilderness when you fail to play your own path of the game and meet the wrong promoter/Shepherd that only wants to build a mansion through you

1. as an artists be fully ready to play your path/game that will lead you to your destination. Which is, record a good song that people like not you, because you are not singing for your own self but for others/fans.

Many artists of today only wants to sing to please their self not others/ their fans, that is why you see some reigning artists today after their first or second released that makes them to blow according to music language of successful, they will want to try another kind/pattern of song which their fans/people did not like, before you knew it they are down like upcoming art
Rule number one-sing to please people not yourself, i have advised many artists on their kind/pattern of music they play, and some later make me their enemy for life, but i thank God that up till now they are still finding the way out from the wilderness, why some that accepted my advice with great joy are rejoicing today even though they did not come to say thank you.
As an artists u must have a music coach if you really desire to make it.

2. You must be fully ready to spend on your career through the mess of promotion/publicity before even meeting good management, because some artists are very highly greedy to their own career.

Some artists are very greedy to the growth of their own music.......base on promotion, both upcoming, former super stars and present stars. To release money from their pocket to promote their song is a big task to them LISTEN.....without promotions you and your song is going no where, so stop deceiving yourself, some artists will say....good music sale by its self.

If COCA COLA/MTN & GULDER can still be running friendship /advert till tomorrow even when the whole world have known them, how much more you, that even your own community/family member did not know the salt/sugar in music, if you fail to promote your song, my friend you will end up becoming a story teller to people, that i am KCEE/WIZKID/TUFACE/DAVIDO etc...will are best of friend, attending/recording in the same studio....OGA when them they make am where you dey???

If you want to succeed as an artists in this music industry, you must be fully ready to make a move by promoting your song massively with a good/positive music promoter......yes, i use good/positive promoter, cause some music promoters are there to suck and dry artists money without doing the job they are paid for

It does not matter who produced your may even be MASTERCRAFT/YOUNG JOHN/DABEATONDBEAT OR EVEN DON JAZZY...without promotion your song will end up under your bed
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