DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Tosin Oyelakin – Amazing Grace [@TosinOyelakin]

Tosin was inspired with this tune and the lyrics
to the verses to this new single titled Amazing
Grace in her sleep. She woke up in the middle of
the night singing the verse and chorus in this
tune and it does reflect her heart of gratitude,
which must have been in her subconscious, to
Yahweh for redeeming her from her previous way
of life before she gave herself fully to Him and
to His service.

In her own words, “My journey would have been a
purposeless one without Christ’s saving grace
which brought me from a life of shame and
dishonour to that of glory and beauty. I am
forever indebted to His Amazing Grace” .

Easter is a time to reflect on the sacrifice which
Christ made for humanity at Calvary and what
life would be without this sacrifice. This song
encourages this perfectly and will touch a strong
cord in the hearts of it’s hearers to appreciate
the weight of God’s Amazing Grace.

Amazing Grace was produced by Phat E.
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